Welcome to Fortress Roofing. Since you are on our site it probably means that you are in need of a roof repair or maybe a complete roof replacement. We understand the daunting task you have ahead of you. You undoubtedly a long list questions that need answering. Can I just repair the problem or do I need a replacement? What type of new roof do I have installed? What product do I go with? And the toughest of them all, who do I trust to come and work on my home?

We have put together valuable information here that can help educate you, not only on the products available in our Utah market, but how to choose the most qualified contractor to work on your home. Let’s face facts, in this economy everyone is looking to save money wherever they can, right? If we can help you get a few more years, securely, by repairing your existing roof, why not? But we urge you not to take chances with your home by dealing with a contractor that cannot live up to your high standards. We suggest you start with the “How do I choose a contractor” section and decide for yourself what your minimum standards are. Consider using this checklist to compile information on the contractors you might consider to see how each measures up.

It can help you determine which contractors are worthy of your time before you set the appointment.

We are not so arrogant as to say that we are the only contractor in Utah that is qualified to do your job. But we feel that you should only consider other contractors that do business LIKE us.

We hope after reviewing our credentials and way of doing business for the last 20 years as a local company we will get a chance to have an estimator come meet with you and an opportunity to EARN your business.

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