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Posted on 01/30/13 by Fortress Roofing

Holy winter! The snow just keeps coming. Our snowplow teams can barely keep up: as soon as they finish plowing, their freshly cleared areas are covered up again! 

We have had a ton of calls about ice problems. This is just a reminder that ic…

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Is it Cold Enough For Ya?

Posted on 01/18/13 by Fortress Roofing

It has been a bitterly cold week here in Utah! Tons of snow, and near 0 degree temps, with some nasty inversion to boot! What are you doing to survive the cold? We want to hear how you survive the winter – Adam and Rob have been in Jamaica this wee…

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A Brief History of Roofing

Posted on 01/16/13 by Fortress Roofing

From the earliest days of man’s efforts to build structures for the purpose of shelter, roofing has evolved as the roof became not only a structure of function, but one of form, as well. Early man used earth and plant material to cover their …

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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Posted on 01/02/13 by Fortress Roofing

There is something appealing about icicles hanging from the roof – it is so picturesque that people even hang lights at Christmastime that are meant to resemble icicles. However, icicles can be a problem. Not only are they dangerous if they fall onto person or property, but they can are usually a sign of an ice dam, which can mean disaster for your roof.

As shown in the picture above, icicles are part of what we call an “ice dam” (see our earlier blog article “It’s Snowing” for more information on ice dams), and can mean that your attic is giving off too much heat, causing snow to melt too quickly. If the water from the melting snow pools up, you can be setting yourself up for a leaky roof.

If your home is one that has a large number of icicles hanging from the eaves, give Fortress Roofing a call so we can come and assess your roof, free of charge. Together we can be proactive to avoid leaks by stopping the problem before it is out of control!

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