Archive: March, 2013

Roofing Repair and Insurance

Posted on 03/29/13 by Fortress Roofing

Mother Nature can wreak absolute havoc on man-made structures, including your home. We get a ton of calls in the spring for roof repairs as a result of the damage caused by high winds, ice build-up (ice damming) that has caused leaks, etc. 

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The Snow is Gone!

Posted on 03/27/13 by Fortress Roofing

Finally, the snow is gone (at least here in the valley) and the promise of spring is here! Plants are shooting up from the ground, buds are appearing on the trees! I think it is pretty safe to say that we have made it through winter!!

Our busy se…

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Repair or Replace?

Posted on 03/01/13 by Fortress Roofing

At long last, things are warming up! We’ve had sunshine and beautiful weather for most of the week! With the melting snow, unfortunately, some homeowners are finding that their roofs need some TLC, as they are discovering leaks. If you are one of t…

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