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residential roof replacement

5 Signs You Need a Residential Roof Replacement

residential roof replacement

Time to raise the roof! Nearly 130,000 Americans work as roofers, including more than 1,000 in Utah alone.

These statistics may surprise you, but they shouldn’t. The more time you spend in your house, the more likely you are to need a residential roof replacement. Before your roof wears down, you need to know the signs you need a replacement.

When do roofs give out? What environmental factors can cause your roof to break? What kinds of new roofs should you get?

Answer these questions and you can get the best roof in the neighborhood in no time. Here are five signs you need a roof replacement now.

1. Old Age

The life expectancy of a roof can vary depending on the materials and style of your roof. In general, most roofs last a few decades.

If you live in an old home, you may want to ask a residential roofer to do an inspection of your roof every year. If your roof fails an inspection or shows signs of aging like chipping, you should order a Utah roof replacement.

Your roof replacement can have the same material as your old roof or new material. Slate roofs can last 50 to 100 years, so get a slate roof if you want a long life expectancy. You can also try asphalt or wood shingles, especially if you want a rustic aesthetic.

2. Cracks and Holes

You must fix your roof as soon as it develops cracks and holes. A crack can cause flooding during a rainstorm, and pests can sneak their way into your house.

Some areas are more prone to damage than other areas. The slopes of your roof that face the sun directly can warp and crack due to UV rays. The valleys where the slopes of your roof meet can develop holes due to rainwater and debris.

If you have a flat roof, you need to get a replacement if the seams are starting to separate from each other. These separations may be hard to notice, so go into your attic and see if you can notice any sunlight coming through your ceiling. If you can, your seams are starting to separate.

Your gutters can become clogged or warped, especially after rainstorms. You should inspect your gutters on a regular basis and ask a Salt Lake City roofer to go on your roof and examine the slopes and valleys.

You can make a temporary fix by patching your holes with plywood boards. But you must replace missing shingles and tiles and find a way to direct rain away from vulnerable areas.

3. Droopy and Saggy Spots

Roofs should never droop or sag, even under extreme conditions. Go into your attic and check to see if the ceiling is starting to droop. Take note of where the ceiling is drooping, then hire a roofer right away.

You should also go outside and look at your roof from the sidewalk. If parts of your roof seem to be drooping down, you should take photographs of the spots and call a roofer. You should also call a roofer if your shingles are starting to curl in any direction.

You may need substantial work done to your house. The roof and attic may need repairs, and you may need stronger walls to support your roof.

4. Vegetation

You should never have vegetation on your roof. Moss may seem harmless, but it can soak up moisture and wear your roofing materials down. Mold and fungi can enter your house and cause respiratory problems.

You can try removing vegetation from your roof. You can use a high-pressure hose to wash the moss off your roof, or you can scrub it away with a brush. You can kill algae and mold with a mixture of water and bleach.

If you can’t remove vegetation, you should order a new roof. You may also want to talk to a mold remediation service so you can see if your house has mold spores in it. Run dehumidifiers inside your house to remove moisture from the air and minimize mold growth.

5. Neighborhood Renovations

If your neighbors are getting new roofs, you may want to consider getting one as well. This creates a consistent aesthetic in your neighborhood, which can help increase everyone’s home prices.

When builders make housing developments, they build most homes with the same materials at the same time. This means that most roofs in a neighborhood wear out simultaneously. You should take the hint if your neighbors are ordering renovations and look into one yourself.

Your roof does not have to be exactly the same as your neighbors’ roofs. Selecting a different color or style of roof can make your home stand out, which can help increase your chances of attracting a home buyer.

Consider making an environmentally friendly roof. You can select a material like wooden shingles or clay, or you can install solar panels on your new roof.

You can also paint your roof a light color, which will reflect solar rays and cool your home down. Choosing the perfect roof color can take some time, so gather samples of your options and talk to a roofer about what would be best.

When You Should Get a Residential Roof Replacement

You should get a residential roof replacement sooner rather than later. Some roofs last decades, but all roofs eventually break down. Your roof may develop holes or cracks, and that should lead to a replacement.

If your roof starts to sag, you should get more durable materials for your roof. Try to remove vegetation on your roof, but order new materials if they start to break down. You can also get a new roof at the same time as your neighbors.

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