OSHA Safety & Certifications

OSHA mandates that each and every business must have an up-to-date written safety plan that address’s the standards in their industry. Fortress roofing follows a specific and detailed program to ensure Fortress and its employees are safe and in compliance with OSHA.

Here at Fortress Roofing we take OSHA compliance very seriously and it’s affect on our employees, customers and vendors.

Below are some of the items that set us above and beyond our competition:

  • Manufacturer trained and certified staff
  • Ongoing comprehensive safety program
  • Frequent job-site inspections
  • Top quality safety and fall protection equipment
  • Trained personnel in the removal and disposal of hazardous roofing materials in accordance with DOT, OSHA and the EPA
  • All Superintendents are OSHA certified and First Aid CPR Course Certified with refresher courses provided annually.
    • Specialized training includes rough terrain forklift certification, aerial lift training, DOT compliance for vehicle operations.
    • Tool Box Talks conducted regularly (weekly or bi-weekly as requested).
    • All accidents and incidents are documented and investigated immediately, with appropriate timely notifications made.
    • Random Job site inspections are conducted by Superintendents and Director of Safety with Inspection reports prepared and documented.

If you would like more information on the Fortress Roofing OSHA Compliance Program click HERE or Call 801-205-6100