How Do I Choose?

Without a doubt the single most important consideration to be made to ensure that you are happy with any home improvement is the contractor that you choose. Think about it; a great product installed improperly is not going to give long term satisfaction, is it? Even if you get a quality job at the end, but had to wait longer than promised, needed to argue with the contractor to get things done right and were charged extra for things you thought were included is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth for years to come. While there is no system that is foolproof some simple ways to avoid dissatisfaction are:

  • Take the time to verify a contractor’s license and minimum insurance certifications before the estimate, so you are less tempted by the low price of an unlicensed worker.
  • Download our Contactor Evaluation Checklist and check each item to make sure they meet your qualifications for stability, reputation and professionalism.
  • Spend at least an hour with any contractor you are considering working with, to ensure that you are compatible and feel you would work well together.

Our How to Choose a Contractor section has most of the questions you should be asking and items you should be verifying whenever you hire someone to come work on your home.