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Leaking Roof Damage

While roofs are made to offer protection against harsh weather, these same forces can negatively affect the roof. Also, if you fail to conduct periodic roof maintenance, the small damages may result in leaking roofs.

Not to forget that incorrect roof installation will also result in leaks.

Now, besides ruining the roofing system, a leaking roof will also lead to structural damage, interior damages, higher utility bills, and more.

Here, we’ll check out the dangers of leaky roofs and some great tips to fix a leaking roof in Salt Lake City.

Must-Know Hazards of a Leaky Roof

#1. Structural Damage

One of the greatest concerns with leaking roofs is the damage to rafters, fascia boards, wall framing, ceiling joists, and exterior trims. And if the leaking roof is not repaired on time, the wood will weaken and rot, leading to very severe problems.

Considering the amount you spent constructing your home, you wouldn’t want your roof to crumble down due to leaking.

#2. Insulation Damage

As the water finds its way to the attic, the fiberglass insulation will be saturated which will take longer to dry. If the repairs take too long, the insulation will get moldy and lose its ability to regulate temperatures. 

And as a result, you’ll pay higher energy bills which you’d have avoided by a simple roof leak repair.

#3. Fire Hazards

As a result of the electrical wiring in the attic, a leaking roof could cause short wires leading to a fire breakout. To keep your home safe, it is advisable to switch off electricity in all areas suspected to have a leaky roof.

#4. Health Complications

Like we mentioned earlier, the formation of molds and mildew due to a leaky roof may lead to complex health issues. This will be more severe to persons struggling with nasal congestion, asthma, or other forms of inflammations.

Even for persons that didn’t have such complications, complex health complications may develop due to prolonged exposure to molds.

#5. Slips and Falls

Though this may not seem like a serious issue, an unexpected fall may result in serious injuries. If your family, especially children or the elderly, live under the leaky roof, keeping the floor dry is key to your family’s safety and preventing slips and falls.

#6. Property Damage

Your expensive furniture, appliances, and electronics, among other valuables, can be ruined by a leaky roof. And though some will be repairable, others will be ruined beyond repair.

You can prevent such damages by moving your valuables to a safer place or covering them if there’s a shortage of space.

How Do I Know that My Roof is Leaking?

Now that we’ve seen the hazards that can occur as a result of leaking roof damage, you need to know how to identify a leaky roof. A simple routine check will help to detect a potential problem and repair it before it gets worse.

Even better, you won’t have to lift a finger as the Fortress Roofing will handle all routine maintenance and inspections for your leaking roof in Salt Lake City. 

Signs of Leaky Roofs

  • Damaged Shingles: if you notice that your roof shingles look distorted or warped, it is an early sign of potential leaks. And if you don’t hire a roofing professional to correct the small distortion, your roof will begin leaking.
  • Stains: a discoloration on the ceiling is a sure sign that something is possibly wrong with your roof. And if you don’t act fast, the damp, dark ring will attract mold and algae leading to serious health issues.

Besides the discoloration, water may start dripping into the house if the leak leads to the formation of puddles.

  • Damp walls: if you notice molds growing on the external walls, it is an indication of a leaky roof. The problem could get worse and spread to the inner walls if you don’t work on the problem immediately.
  • Missing shingles: if you failed to notice a distorted shingle on time, the wind may blow that shingle away. Regular checks will help you to notice this but if you take too long, the roof will begin leaking.
  • Dripping gutters: normally, gutters will take water away from your building’s structure. But if the gutters begin dripping water, it’s a sign that all is not well with your roof.

Fortress Roofing will help in checking out the roof to know if there is debris blocking the gutters. And once the gutters are repaired, all potential problems with your roof will be evaluated.

Hire a Professional Roofer to Repair Leaking Roof Damage

As a homeowner, the best defense for your building’s structure is vigilant, fast action. A simple drip may seem very minor but may lead to major, expensive repairs in the future. 

Below are some actions your roofing professional will take based on the cause of the leaky roof:

  • Aged Shingles: if your roof shingles have reached the end of their lifespan, they may begin leaking. The perfect solution, in this case, is to get a professional roofer to install a new roof.
  • Damaged Flashing: the roofing contractor will replace old flashing and seal it against water intrusion. Also, he’ll ensure that the flashing is securely nailed in position.
  • Missing Shingles: Replace all missing shingles and ensure that the neighboring shingles are securely nailed.
  • Roof Holes: seal off all roof holes so that wild animals and rainwater won’t use it to enter your home.

Besides the repairs, the roofing expert will also conduct regular roof maintenance. Here, the roofing pro will point out potential problems and address them before they become problem areas.