For Property Managers or HOA

Do you have a project that is residential in scope but commercial in size? Fortress Roofing has the experience, the expertise, the staff and financial stability to handle your project. While we specialize in residential roof replacement with composition shingle, metal and low slope roofing we have the staff to commit to your project. We know how to handle your big commercial project and still maintain that residential home feel.

We have successfully completed residential projects from $5,000 up to $1.2 million and everything in between. If you are in need of Roof Replacement, Siding, Soffit, Fascia or Rain Gutters for your large project you have found the company you’ve been looking for!

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Partial list of HOA’s we have completed projects

Crosspoint Condos
Taylorsville UT
Over 200,000 sq ft
16 month project
Complete removal installation of new roofing
Siding replacement
Soffit, fascia, rain gutters

Fort Lane Apartments
Layton UT
Removal of existing roofing
Replace with new
67,000 sq. ft

Georgetown on the Park
Provo UT
Removal of existing roofing
Replace with New
75,000 Sq. ft

Coleman Apartments
Provo UT
Complete Roof Replacement
14,000 sq. ft

Clear Brook Condos
Murray UT
Complete Roof Replacement (Flat Roof)
18,000 sq. ft

Central Park Student Housing
Rexburg ID
Roof Replacement (flat roof)
17,000 sq. ft

Navuoo House Student Housing
Installation of New Roof
42,000 sq. ft

Holiday Retirement Communities

Orem UT
Complete Roof Replacement
44,000 sq. ft

Ogden Regent
Ogden UT
Complete roof Replacement
47,000 sq. ft

Olympus Ranch
Murray UT
Installation of roof, New Construction
51,000 sq. ft

Chateau de Boise
Boise ID
Complete Roof Replacement (Flat Roof)
46,000 sq. ft

Harvard Park
Spokane WA
Complete Roof Replacement
46,000 sq. ft

Capital Place
Olympia WA
Complete Roof Replacement
43,000 sq. ft

The Garden Club
Bellevue WA
Complete Roof Replacement
67,000 sq. ft

Mesa View
Grand Junction CO
Complete Roof Replacement
47,000 Sq. ft