Siding, Soffit, and Fascia

Choosing a new type of siding for your home is a big decision. There are products like wood, that require regular maintenance (paint every 3-5 years). Products like stucco and Hardiplank only require moderate maintenance (painting every 6-9 years). For a virtually maintenance free exterior, vinyl siding is the choice of most homeowners today. Many homeowners today choose vinyl siding for their home’s exterior because they want to enhance the looks of their property without ever having to paint again. Vinyl siding is a very durable and economical choice for your home’s exterior.

There are both pros and cons to using vinyl siding, and all factors should be considered before choosing to have it installed on your home. However, even more important than the product you choose, is the company that will be installing it. Are they reputable, licensed, insured and experienced in your type of project? Let’s face it, you are looking for a great product, a fantastic company, beautiful installation and the BEST price!

Here are some tools than can be invaluable to you in helping to find the right contractor for your project.

Vinyl Siding Benefits

There are a variety of choices in vinyl siding as it comes in many different thicknesses, colors, and grains. Some other benefits include easy maintenance, affordability, and durability.

  • Durability – The main reason why vinyl siding is popular with homeowners is that it is long lasting. It is very durable under most weather conditions without fear of it being damaged. The better vinyl sidings today have improved drastically over the older varieties and are less likely to become brittle and crack. An added benefit is that vinyl siding can endure the sun’s UV rays without the color fading.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Vinyl siding is very cost effective if you look at the long term. It does not require repainting and other maintenance like wood does. Obviously the cost of siding depends on the size of the application and the quality of the siding selected. The thickness and the grain are two factors that will affect the overall cost. The added layer of insulation, depending on which you choose, can help to lower utility bills and increase the comfort inside your home.
  • Maintenance – The maintenance required for vinyl siding is minimal. It doesn’t fade from weather or sunlight and never has to be painted. All that is required to keep vinyl looking great is an annual or semi-annual washing.
  • Appearance – There are many varieties of colors and grains to choose from. The color of the siding is actually a part of the vinyl instead of being merely surface applied. This is why the color stays looking new for many years and shows no surface flaws or scratches.

Vinyl Siding Precautions

While vinyl siding is a very popular choice among homeowners, there are some mistaken beliefs about it. Two misconceptions are that siding is totally maintenance free and that it is indestructible. The reality is that for your home to look beautiful for years to come, you should hose down the exterior every spring. This should stop any accumulation of the “road dust” that can build up over the years.

Some precautions to consider before installing vinyl siding are:

  • Color – If you like to change the look and color of your home every couple of years, vinyl siding may not be for you. If you like to scrape the wood down and tape, tarp, re-paint the sidewalls, eaves, door and window trim to match the latest trends and styles, wood is still your best option.
  • Severe Weather – Most of the better vinyl siding products can endure the majority of weather conditions, but there is a possibility of damage in extremely severe weather. In severe weather conditions, wood is sometimes more durable than vinyl. Heavy winds can dislodge panels from their surface. The vinyl siding that Fortress Home Improvements installs is guaranteed to a minimum of 190 mph, a much higher rating than our Utah canyon winds produce. Debris from the wind can also cause punctures. When a siding panel is damaged, it cannot be repaired and requires replacement.
  • Deterioration – The less expensive products, commonly used in new construction, are much thinner and much more susceptible to warping, fading and cracking. A reputable contractor should not suggest installing these products. As a contractor that intends to stand behind every product we install, Fortress Home Improvements does not recommend any product less than a .045 thickness.
  • Oxidation – After many years a cheaper vinyl siding can oxidize and fade. This will take longer than if the home had simply been painted and there is a way to prolong the process. Clean the siding once every few years and cut back any trees or bushes that would rub against the home. You can do this yourself and it does not take much time.

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Soffit and Fascia/Eves

Are your eaves starting to show their age? Exposure to the elements, constant dripping from icicles, clogged gutters and even gravity on overhanging wood can take their toll.  If you are also looking to make the soffit, fascia, window and door trim of your home beautiful again and maintenance free we can help. Durable heavy duty aluminum with a baked enamel finish available in a variety of colors will make your trim work beautiful for many years to come. With nothing more than a rinsing with the hose these products will look great for many, many years to come. Other contractors didn’t want to come out and look at your small job? Don’t worry! At Fortress Home Improvements no job is too small. We would love the opportunity to come out and discuss your project with you.