Utah Commercial Roofing Division

Our commercial roofing services include; repairs, re-roofing, new construction, historical renovations, gutters, sheet-metal fabrication and solar systems. We are based in Salt Lake City, Utah but we have serviced many projects outside of Utah.


    Value Engineering and Design – We can assist you in value engineering or designing your project to meet budgets and provide a high quality product.

    Maintenance – We can devise and price roofing maintenance schedules and budgets to provide property owners.

    Slope Roofing – We offer tile, slate, standing seam, and asphalt shingle roofing systems.

    Flat Roofing – We offer modified, PVC, TPO, EPDM and walkable deck services.

    Architectural Sheet Metal – We have access to metal fabrication including chimney caps, hoods, bay windows roofs, cornice trim, standard flashing and radius flashing.

    Green Roofs – We offer design and installation of all types of Green Roofs including environmentally friendly roofs, solar reflectivity, plants and solar panels.

    Seamless Gutters – We offer seamless gutter repair and replacement.

    Snow Removal – We also offer roof and grounds snow removal.

    Heat Tape – We offer installation of additional ventilation and heat tape to minimize ice damming on all roof types.

    Snow Retention – We offer a wide variety of snow retention systems available to fit all types of roofs.

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