Flat to Pitched Roof Conversions

Many homeowners in Utah feel that Flat roofs, with the amount of snow we get on an annual basis, just don’t make sense. And based on the type of flat roofing systems available when their homes were built are correct. However, the advances in technology over the last 20 years have been drastic. We have flat roof systems that can outlast composition shingle systems. That is with a manufacturers guarantee, not a promise!

If you are thinking about converting your flat roof to a pitched roof please consider this:

  • The cost of converting flat to pitched is about 3 to 4 times the investment of a flat roof replacement
  • After conversion you will likely need to replace the shingles before you will have needed to re-do the flat roof

With that said if your main interest is to improve the aesthetics, increase the insulation and possibly the value of your home a “roof conversion” may right for you. Fortress Roofing does many Roof conversions every year. Unlike many roofing companies we are a fully licensed R-100 Building Contractor. What this means is all of the aspects of your conversion, tear-off, framing, sheeting, insulation, siding, soffit , fascia, gutters, roofing,  ventilation and piping moves can be handled in house by our employees. No need for unknown sub-contractors at your home.

To discuss whether a roof conversion is right for you please call