Utah Roof Inspection & Maintenance

Fortress Roofing offers a complete roof maintenance package that starts at $195 for most homes. This service could literally save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.  We recommend all homes get this service every year.  The maintenance package includes:

  • Inspecting the entire roof for damage ( see checklist below)
  • Cleaning of any clogged gutters
  • Performing needed minor repairs, such as replacing missing shingles or resealing the flashing
  • Trimming some low lying branches

If, after inspecting your roof, we feel that a minor repair will not solve a current roof issue, then we will gladly provide you with a free estimate.

Fortress Roofing has been offering roofing services in the Salt Lake metro area for over 20 years and we can provide you with an expert analysis and opinion on your roofing needs.

What does a Roof Inspection entail?

Your Fortress Roofing Specialist will give you a 21-Point Tip Top Roof Inspection including:

  1. Checking your sheathing
  2. Looking at granule deterioration (including loose & missing shingles)
  3. Looking for algae or moss
  4. Examining flashings (including chimney & wall)
  5. Checking for proper valley installation
  6. Verifying proper amount of roof ventilation
  7. Examining nail placement
  8. Looking at the condition of the chimney
  9. Examining shingles looking for missing, curled, cracked & more
  10. Reviewing gutters and make sure they are fully functional
  11. Examining fascia board for any damage or rot
  12. Surveying the condition of siding above the roof
  13. Looking at all sealants
  14. Examining pipe collars
  15. Checking for proper installation of metal stack
  16. Confirming presence of drip edge and make sure properly installed
  17. Surveying the attic for proper insulation, structural condition, moisture, exhaust vents & more
  18. Checking condition of heat tape if present
  19. Chimney cap inspection of fastners, sealant and ponding water
  20. Checking for a history of wind / ice damage
  21. Documenting history of leaking

This inspection is regularly $199, but for homeowners who sign up for an annual maintenance program will qualify for a special price of only $99!