Utah Roof Replacement

Do you need a roof replacement that will stand up to the force of Utah’s canyon winds? The hot, high altitude sun in the summer and several feet of snow and ice in the winter? Asphalt Shingles, Slate Tile, Metal Roof or Flat Roof System, call Fortress Roofing to discover the true differences between each roof system and find which new roof fits your needs. As the premier roof replacement company in Utah we are here to help you turn your home into a FORTRESS! As one of the oldest GAF certified Master Elite contractors in Utah we are uniquely qualified to assist you with your roof replacement project. We hope that you will use these free tools below to educate yourself on the roofing process. We hope that they will aid you in deciding if: a) you even need a new roof, b) which type of roof is best for you, and c) which contractor will be the best fit for you. We would suggest you start with the Who do I trust section on tips to qualify a contractor for your project and the Do I Even Need a Roof section. If your roof can securely last a couple more years with just a little maintenance, why not? Save the money now and replace your roof when it truly NEEDS it and not when some salesman needs a commission!


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The Roofing Process

A sound and water-tight roof is a lot more than just nailing on the shingles.

    1. First, a straight and sound structural deck must be in place to support the roof covering. It is common for a roof leak to occur due to movement or failure of the roof decking or supports. When replacing an existing roof, it is important to thoroughly inspect the substrate surface for loose nailing, improper joints and connections, or evidence of wood rot or deterioration.
    2. Ice and water shield is placed on all of the perimeter and in all the valleys New synthetic felt underlayment is installed on the entire roof.
    3. Next in the process is the metal work. Metal drip edge is installed around all perimeter edges. Mitering the corners correctly and proper lapping is a detail many roofers overlook. We often find backward laps and cut square corners on homes we are called to repair or re-roof. All walls, headwalls and valleys should be metal lined as well. At all junctures, FORTRESS ROOFING uses a 3-piece flashing detail, recognized as the best method in the industry. All dead valleys and crickets are lined with a torch-down rubber membrane to assure maximum leak proofing in areas subject to excessive water flows or pressures.

  1. The proper application of shingles requires experience and attention to details. Use of chalk lines to keep courses straight, use of proper starters and cap shingles, installations over valleys, proper number and locations of nails all play a vital part in the integrity of your roof.
  2. Finally, cleaning up and inspecting the work ensures a satisfactory completion for each job. At FORTRESS ROOFING our pride and reputation depend on strict adherence to all of the above. We can sum it all up with one word: COMMITMENT.

Commitment to our customers, commitment to our employees and commitment to the highest standards of workmanship in our industry all combine to afford Fortress Roofing customers the best warranty available in Utah: the FORTRESS ROOFING 5-year, fully transferable, no-leak guarantee, covering all materials and labor installed by FORTRESS ROOFING.