Tired of the same, flat feeling? How to raise your spirits (and your roof)!

Posted on March 24, 2014 by fortress

roof conversion


Your home is undoubtedly one of your largest assets. Most homeowners take great pride in their home, and like to let their personality shine through as they make changes to the interior and exterior of their home.

One of the most common changes people make to the exterior of their home is through the look of their roof. With the endless styles and colors available, personal expression is one of the strongest driving factors in the decisions made when planning a roofing project.

In addition to the aesthetics of a pitched roof instead of a flat roof, there are other reasons to consider converting your flat roof to a sloped roof:

  • Flat roofs usually require more maintenance than pitched roofs. Even though the sloped structure of a pitched roof makes it more difficult to clean and inspect, the drainage of flat roofing systems tend to become clogged more frequently. Failure to perform routine maintenance and inspection can lead to a much greater instance and severity of leakage.
  • Pitched roofs provide more stability and structure than flat roofs.
  • Pitched roofs normally provide much better drainage, especially in areas that receive large amounts of rain.

Converting your roof is a major undertaking, and although most people prefer to stick with what they have, Fortress is prepared to help maintain, inspect, repair and/or replace your flat roof, pitched roof, or even to help with your conversion! Contact us today to give us the opportunity to impress you!