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roof repair mistakes

7 Common Roof Repair Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

A complete residential roofing repair can cost upwards of $7,000. This can be a large unexpected expense, so it is necessary that you invest in the front end of routine upkeep. It’s also important that you get the job done right. 

You can postpone costly roofing repairs by using a roof repair service. Keep reading to learn more about roof repair mistakes and how our expertise can help keep your roof secure. 

Maintain Your Roof’s Integrity 

The roof is the most important aspect of the home. Your roof provides you with a strong defense against the elements. 

Roofs provide protection, insulation, and temperature regulation. Certain roofing materials are stronger or more efficient than others.  

A roof also provides you insulation and helps a house regulate its temperature. Certain roofing materials are more effective at shielding their inhabitants from fluctuations in temperature.  

1. Identify the Problem

Even without roofing experience, you should allocate time to inspect your roof routinely. This allows you to check for any damaged shingles and signs of wear and tear. Once you see visual signs of damage, you can hire a professional to help you make repairs. 

Roofing repair work can be extremely costly, so it is necessary that you are thorough when you are inspecting your roof and identifying the problem. An improper diagnosis could result in a bad investment in roofing materials.

Identifying the problem allows you to address the issue correctly. If you can quickly rule out common roof problems, you will able able to streamline the repair process. Regular roofing maintenance can help ensure that your roof has an increased lifespan. 

2. New Flashing 

When you are investing in roof repairs, you want to purchase high-quality materials. Ensuring that you use high-quality materials allows you to cut costs for routine maintenance. 

Roof flashing is a thin metal material. Roofers install it to direct water away from susceptible areas on the roof. Making sure that your roof is secure and repaired with the best materials is the smartest investment that you can make. 

Although old or recycled flashing may be inexpensive, it quickly becomes warped and damaged over time. Opting for the cheapest solution can put you at risk of leaks and larger damages and expenses down the road. 

3. Attend To Your Attic

Often, the attic is the most forgotten part of a home. You routinely vacuum the living room, mow the lawn, and fix the pipes. However, when is the last time that you tidied up or did routine maintenance on the attic? 

Because the attic is beneath the roof, it directly affects the structural integrity of the building. The attic requires proper ventilation and maintenance. The attic can also be an indicator of greater structural problems on the roof. 

4. Protect Against the Elements 

You should consider the storms and elements that your roof is susceptible to in your area. Securing your home during storms is about much more than boarding up the windows. You can keep your home protected against the elements by cleaning your gutters, checking for loose shingles, and trimming nearby trees.  

If you live in colder climates, you need to plan for the development of ice dams. Dams can allow ice to creep under your shingles and damage your roof. If your climate is prone to this, you can add an extra underlayment. 

5. Maintain a Proper Slope

A roof’s slope is designed to guide snow or rain away from the roof as quickly as possible. The slope of a roof varies based on the original design and materials used during construction. If the slope is not maintained, then your home can endure serious damage during a storm. 

These slopes ensure that water does not sit in a pool on the surface of the roof.  If left there, it can cause your roof and insulation to rot. When you are getting a roofing repair done, you need to ensure that you maintain the integrity of the slope. 

6. Matching Shingles

When a few shingles start to get loose or damaged, homeowners may feel inclined to swing by the home repair store and pick up generic shingles. These quick fixes actually can cost you a lot in the long run. 

Using the correct replacement of the original shingles can help you maintain the integrity of the roof. Replacement shingles must have comparable thickness and material. We have access to a variety of suppliers and can ensure a perfect match on shingle replacements. 

7. Enlist Professional Help 

A lot of homeowners try to make repairs on their own. However, without the proper equipment and experience, it can be more costly to dip your toe in major home repairs such as this. Our professionals at Fortress Roofing can provide oversight to any roofing repair project. 

We have access to a network of suppliers and are able to get materials at a lower cost than retail stores. This, coupled with our expertise, saves you money and gives you the confidence of a job well done. 

Avoid Roof Repair Mistakes

Preventative roof protection and repairs can be costly. Ensuring that you properly address any damages and avoid roof repair mistakes can save you money. You can drastically cut unexpected repair costs by conducting routine maintenance and investing in roof protection.

If you can’t maintain your roof, you are leaving your entire household vulnerable. We want to ensure that you always have a secure roof over your head. Contact us to get your free consultation and estimate.