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Choosing the Perfect Roof Color That Complements Your Salt Lake City Home

When you look at a home’s exterior, the roof plays a large role in the overall effect and aesthetic of the space. But roofs last for years and years, so it’s not often that you get the chance to change the look of it if you don’t like it. If you do notice it’s time to replace the roof, choosing the roof color is a crucial decision. 

The color of the shingles can bring the whole exterior together for a cohesive, put-together look. Or it can bring it down and make it look disjointed and undesigned. 

Since it’s not a decision many homeowners have to make very often, some don’t even know where to begin. We’ve put together this guide to help you through the process to make sure you get the best roof color for your Salt Lake home! 

Consider the Color of Your Home

Obviously, the first thing to consider when deciding on new roofing shingles colors is the current color of your home. You’ll want to be sure that the colors don’t compete with each other but complement instead. 

For many homes, the roof is the most prominent feature of the exterior which means it can influence the way the color of the home reads if you’re not careful. Choose a color with a little bit of contrast that doesn’t compete with the siding. Using the color wheel to find those pairs can be extremely helpful during this process. 

And remember, changing the paint color is much easier than the shingles so make sure to go with a shingle you love foremost. 

Think About Wear and Tear 

Roofing shingles are designed to last for several years, if not decades, in the elements and everything the outdoors brings. But that doesn’t mean three won’t be some wear and tear that happens before it’s time for another roof replacement

As you’re making your decision, consider how the shingles will age. What will the color look like if it fades a little from so much sun exposure? Will the roof colors still work if they are covered in a layer of dirt and dust? Questions like these can be helpful in determining how the color combination will look years from now. 

It goes without saying that you can’t predict what the shingles will look like exactly years after installation but a roofing expert can give you a good idea of what to expect. 

Look Around the Neighborhood

For most homeowners, roof shingles’ colors aren’t something they think about on a regular basis which can make the decision so overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re first starting your search and trying to figure out where to start. 

An easy trick to initially narrow down your search is to drive around the neighborhood and see what colors you see most often. 

This can give you some inspiration and a path to start down. It will also help make sure your new roof doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb among the rest of the homes in the area. Or it can help you make sure it does stand out if that’s what you’re going for! 

Gather Samples of Options

Generally speaking, when you are getting a new roof you’ll have a little bit of time to make your decision without rushing too much. It’s a good idea to get samples of the potential roof colors you’re thinking of and see what they look like in person on your home. 

Just like paint or fabric swatches, colors can look completely different at home than they do in the showroom. So getting samples is a crucial step in making sure you’ll love the color for as long as the shingles last. You should be able to get these from your roofing supplier for a minimal cost. 

Samples also give you the opportunity to try on a few colors or styles before making your final commitment. 

Don’t Forget Functionality 

While the color of your roof is obviously very important to help your home look as nice as possible. Don’t forget to think about the functionality of the new shingles as well. 

You’ll want to find shingles that can handle your local weather patterns well so that the new roof will last as long as possible. Beyond that, you’ll want to think about adding gutters or other systems to help protect the roof as much as possible. These things can be integrated in a way that still looks appealing as well. 

Ease of Maintenance 

Every roof requires some type of maintenance to keep it looking and functioning at the top level. As you’re making this decision, make sure to consider what you’ll need to do to keep up with the new roof. 

Once you know the maintenance tasks the roof will need (as well as how often they’ll need to be done), you can determine if that shingle type and the color are right for you. This may mean you feel comfortable handling it on your own or will plan to hire out the job in the future. Either way, having that set plan will help you feel confident investing in your new roof. 

Choose the Best Roof Color for Your SLC Home 

As a homeowner who is making improvements and changes to your home, you always want to find the balance between making sure it looks good and will function well for your family. That’s the sweet spot for making your home a comfortable, safe place to be. 

Choosing a new roof color can feel like an intimidating task but if you take it one step at a time and consider the big picture, you’re sure to find one that’s just the right fit. Working with a professional team as you go through the decision-making process and for the installation will make all the difference in your final result. 

If you’re in need of any roofing services including complete roof replacement in the Salt Lake area, contact us today!